Jacob Newnham


About the artist:

Jacob Newnham is a Montréal-based graphic artist and art director working across various forms of media. Jacob’s work is greatly inspired by his interests in introspection, the exploration of AI and the digitization of culture, the relationship between sound design and visuals, and atmospheres that are melancholy, pensive and/or foreign.


Medium: Digital, GAN, Video stills

Part of his larger series of projects, ‘A Transgression of Ideas’, which focuses upon the relationship between the synthetic and natural world, TRANSGRESSION 002 is a poetic exploration of a machine’s comprehension of death cycles and the human experience through AI-generated imagery of clouds and landscapes; mimicking a human’s natural environment while regurgitating a formulaic understanding of physical/sensory attributes of organic life, nature, and terrestrial patterns. A fragmented excerpt of Henry Scott-Holland’s sermon, "Death the King of Terrors" underscores the thoughts presented.