Jacques is convinced that the purpose of art is not merely to decorate. Art must take a stand, art must reflect itself, art must tell stories. With an unsparing look at the absurdity of life and an inclination towards satirical self-reflection, Jacques deals with existential themes such as fear, escapism, dreams, failure, birth and death.

About the artist:

Born in Luxembourg City in 1990, Jacques Schmitz early discovered his interest in artistic work, writing and painting throughout his youth. Under the influence of works of the Expressionist, Dada and Neue Sachlichkeit movements, he developed his very own style of painting.

Jacques’ style of painting deals with thematic realities. With the deliberate deformation, exaggeration and distortion of his figures, his focus is not on formal realism, but precisely on the realism of the content and subject. In this sense, Jacques’ works always look for the beauty in the imperfection.

Jacques works primarily with oil on canvas. He currently lives and works as an independent artist, author and filmmaker in Luxembourg.