About the artist:

From a young age, Joanna knew, in some form, art would be a huge part of her life. She was born in London, England 1984. Both her parents are hugely creative. Growing up in such an environment, naturally led her, to drift down an artistic avenue and career path.

During her degree at U.N.I.T.E.C in Auckland New Zealand. Joanna indulged in many practices, including, photography, Jewellery, various printing applications, graphic design, glass, ceramics, product design, set design, interior design, costume design and illustration, alongside a major in painting, with a strong theory based approach. Post graduating, Joanna also did jewellery illustration and shoe making courses in London.

When she moved back to London, aged 23, she worked at the London and Fashion Textile Museum, which was started by Zandra Rhodes. Where she truly blossomed artistically, was during her time, working under the respected Atelier Anna Valentine. Here, she was able to utilise her knowledge, particularly in embroidery and accessory design in a high-end bespoke arena.

In 2011 Joanna moved to Mallorca, here she fell into cooking in the super-yacht industry. Even though cooking, acted as a creative outlet, the desire to draw and passion for fashion design never sub-sided. During lockdown, she re-visited this urge, by drawing and capturing the nature, she was kept from, which has set fire to an old but not forgotten burning love for the arts.

Since 2021 she has been actively partaking in various exhibitions internationally.



The Scatter Series

Atomnica Bonobo

Fractured and Fragmented

A look into our compositional makeup, and how closely related we are to our environment.

Seeing the earth as one unit that houses a multi-faceted continuum fuelled by sources of energy.

Constantly in a state of flux and organised hysteria, working tirelessly to balance itself.

My observation through art is to capture this state of haphazard harmony by using a relatable motif, our primate cousin, the bonobo or Pan Paniscus along with other animals, taking particular interest in the endangered.

I use the application of both pen and paper or a tattoo machine on synthetic leather. Tattoo, an old craft constructed by man but holds a unique history in itself from indigenous affiliations and ancient methods, tribal markings and patterns, unique, to specific geographical locations, (time and place ) and looking ahead to contemporary applications. An art form I find sacred.

Sacred just like the being I am engraving into the fabric.

He/she is caught up in a degree of uncertainty.

The dotwork explores this level of fragility within our ecosystem. Manifestations of biotic and abiotic energy forms that can be easily disrupted and dispersed as though they never were.

There is beauty in the temporary but it can also be very unnerving.

By using a very permanent application of tattoo or ink directly to paper, I am trying to invoke a sense of seizing the dispersion, stopping it from changing. The beauty of documentation. Pulling in the viewer for a few stand still moments where chaos can be caught in time.