Joanna Zylla


About the artist:

In the 90s I studied at the University of Applied Sciences for Art and Art Therapy. In the 5 years of my studies I dealt with my own art, art development as well as artistic possibilities in the therapeutic area. During my studies I was continuously in the art class for plastic sculpture with Dora Varkonyi and under the supervision of the then principal of the school, who taught an organic, abstract and anthropological approach to three-dimensional art.

During my studies I followed both sculpture and painting. My subjects, both in plastic and in painting, were often melancholy. I combine melancholy with introversion, thoughtfulness and poetry. It‘s an essential part of my artistic work. In addition to the figurative representation, I deal with more spiritual topics, which is also reflected in the video “Kiss on arrival” for the exhibition at Gaildorf Castle. In the period after 2010, I have now switched my subjects to industrial-architectural portraits.

The focus here is on objects with a special history or traces of the past. My work style is complex in terms of color and coating. I want the works not only to represent something, but also to reach a depth through the way I have designed it. Thus an emotional and spiritual connection. I like to travel and collect the material on the way. Then I let it work on me and try to implement it in the studio. In the years 2015-2020 I was trained in figure building and puppet play at the puppet theater college in Bochum. I am fascinated by the magic of the performing arts, which is why I often see figures related to cabaret theater such as “La Strada” or “Lili” in my painting.

Since last year I started a new topic under the heading „Japan“. Unfortunately, I was unable to offer you these pictures for selection, as they are intended for an exhibition at Galerie Böhmer in Mannheim in 2022.