Judith Maria Janson


About the artist:

My name is Judith Maria Janson and I live and work in Essen,

in the middle of the Ruhr area in Germany.

Even though you can't deny the Ruhr a certain charm, it doesn't necessarily stand out for its architectural beauty. But it is above all the brash, direct cordiality and openness of its people making it so worth living here.

Without having consciously chosen this city as my home, it is very much in line with my way of expressing myself in art.

For me, art is precisely about turning the inside out. Directly and authentic.

To bring the essence, the expression, the emotion, the movement on to the canvas or paper.

In my work I am diverse and love to express myself in the written word, in language, in drawing or painting. 

I first studied visual communication at the FH Münster School of Design. After graduating, I began studying art at the University of Fine Arts in Münster and completed it as a master student of Prof. Andreas Köpnick with the artistic degree.

How do graphic design and art fit together? I like the mixture of professionalism, accuracy, clarity paired with the free, wild, uncensored expression of the inner creative power, which tears down boundaries and should and may touch people's inner being.

Art does not have to please. As little as I have to please. Art does not have to understand either. Art expresses itself, through the artist himself, it flows through him and ultimately reveals itself in an artistic work.

In my character drawings and illustrations, I am always amazed and delighted of the wonderfully unique figures that emerge and look at me.

Just as I always love it in my abstract works, how on the canvas, layer after layer of paint, stroke after stroke, a very own story develops, which everyone may read and feel for themselves.

To be allowed to make art is an obligation, a grace, an adventure, a constant evolution and a gift, to interpret life again and again, to look at it and to give it its own expression.