Katy Gardner

Fluid art

About the artist:

My practice explores the transitional space between reality and imagination. A constant yearning to understand dreams, distant memories, and mutating shapes in the dark informs the progression of each artwork.

The work is process-led: often using fluid layers of ink as a base, to then find and highlight emerging forms. Considering the fragility of dreams and memories, the work can build from splinters of multiple moments or feelings, into a scene that fits neither into the compartment of a memory, or real life, or complete imagination.  

These liminal spaces mutate and take on new meaning with different perspectives. They become spaces on the boundary of familiar and unknown, acting as an invitation to move away from immediate surroundings and instead, pause to consider the quiet space between knowing. 

Artist BIO

Katy Gardner is a painter and printmaker based in the UK. Recently graduating from London’s Central Saint Martins, Katy’s practice explores ideas around memory, dreams and the nocturnal. She is interested in the transitional spaces between reality and imagination, where memories are reconstructed, and dreams influence waking life. For Katy, these themes act as a door to a new mindset, a free space where intangible events can reframe everyday experiences. Katy’s practice combines layers of printing ink, overlapped with delicate pen markings and splashes of oil paint to create mixed media works that reveal a fusion of imagery.

Since graduating, Katy has exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery, London as part of their London Grads Now exhibition showcasing emerging artists, as well as multiple virtual exhibitions and a recent group show in Shakespeare’s hometown highlighting the artists response to the year 2020.