About the artist:

“I want to create a path to the universal language that connects us.

A visual language that is unspoken.
Communication, I thought, had never been my forte. Yet, all the while, I was screaming in an abstract way to the world. My art is my personal way to convey my trauma without conflict or boundaries. It’s a way of dealing with my past.

It takes time to fully see the details in life and recognize feelings. I want people to see and to realize and to feel.
You never forget how someone made you feel.

My work first starts with photography. I take photos of things that are of interest to me. Textures, patterns, mess, oddities, and nature. I then take those photographs and digitally manipulate them on my tablet. I layer, colour, and play with different blend modes. After I feel like the piece is ready (the readiness can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks) the files are sent off to the printers to print them on high-quality, shatter-proof acrylic sheets. They are then cut into their respective shapes. Each piece is one of a kind.”


Kezliegh is a new media artist that prints on large acrylic sheets.
She was born in Muskoka, Canada in 1993 under the name of Amy Merritt. She struggled in a low-income family and experienced hardships in her young adult life. She has always found solace in her creativity.
Kezliegh attended the first Integrated Design course in 2017 at the Haliburton School of Art + Design. She experimented with many forms of art such as glass blowing, 3D digital modeling, and ceramics.
Kezliegh is predominantly inspired by the natural world around her, often taking photographs of the texture of the bark on a tree or the pattern of river rocks.
Her style is exploratory. She is always finding herself in colours, textures, layers and, abstract shapes.
Kezliegh is currently working hard at becoming a noteworthy artist and is constantly trying to find meaning and peace in this world.