Through works of art as well as the framework that I am building to foster the creative development with ARTSCIENCE my wish is to invite people to enjoy this mental state as well and have a collaborative experience. My artworks usually are "sans titre" and the are receiving their "titles" in the process through the feedback loop of inspiration and conscious perception of the beholders. It is bewildering for me to peek-a-boo at the response of the conscious perception of the beholders to my subconscious play.  The point is, it is about play, about being in the moment. It is a musical thing and we are supposed to sing, dance or paint while the music is being played. My artworks are a manifestation of play of my subconscious mind and look forward to meeting your conscious perception and creative contribution for it to receive names within the context of digital as well as physical art exhibition and art fairs.

About the artist:

The creation of her works of art evolve in a process that is intertwined with her synesthetic perception. Her sound perception is translated from one medium to the other both with kinesthesia, her emotions and other senses while experiencing her synesthetic perception induced by music. For example, high notes, often found in the music of “Chopin”, sound more yellowish or pastel to me and not dark brown or ocher. For her, frequencies are the common language.  In order to achieve an optimal custom-made result, she opted for an acrylic surface, which, with its smooth surface, is perceived as a contrast to the structural relief of the creation. The strong colors that she uses in the process are created by herself using color pigments and deliver her intense and optimistic vision of our common future either with a "green spirit on earth" or "adventurous in space". As a synesthete, she paints the music she hears.

As an autodidact and enthusiastic person, her approach is "playful" in discovering and researching new topics. She enjoys the process and the linking of different areas. She creates her works in the process with music and serves as an inspiration for color, form and shapes, depending on her sound perception.  The aim is an energetically harmonious work, which, starting with the choice of music, via color composition, to the perfect form and composition, conveys optimistic impressions to the viewer and invites them to experience their own creative form of consciousness. Those who experience their particular form of consciousness often describe it as follows: It's like arriving to a secret garden.