All my works are oils on canvas, depicting figures of figurative painting integrated into space and bearing several messages within symbolic places. I am trying to get the viewer to feel, read the symbols and their meaning perhaps reflect. Pictures with a lot of emotions, memories, dressing up the dream with the real. Also I love to paint the correlation between light and shade with chromatic  qualities. I invite you to share my own perspective of things through my creations. My inspiration to take on everything that can mobilize me to create such as travel pictures, the hero of people. The truth of each artwork is important. A truth that emerges from a deep inner path.

About the artist:

Greek painter, Marina Koutsospyrou   was born in Agrinio city. In 1995 she was accepted to Thessaloniki  School of Fine Arts  with the highest grade and to Athens School of Fine Arts A.S.F.A with the seventh highest grade. She attended A.S.F.A. and she graduated in 2001 with honors by Chroni Botsoglou Painting Department where she earned her degree in Drawing with Honors. She has specialized in teaching Art in secondary Education Schools and she has attended the Mosaic and Hagiografy workshop. Marina has received the First prize in Drawing at the artistic competition of the cultural department of the Municipality of Crete at the International Festival of Arts, 2007 and the International award Caravaggio, Great Master of Art Milan, Italy 2018.Also Award from Circle Foundation of Arts-Finalist Certifate 2018-19. With more than 70 group exhibitions to her resume, in Greece, Cyprus, Italy,Spain and other  countries,2 solo shows, International participations Artfairs  [Miami Artbasel],[ Fiab Barcelona 2021],[ Art3F Paris 2022]. Selection of her artwork in a competition for the gallery-Museum of Komotini, and  also involved with theatrical performances as a costume and stage designer. She lives and works in Agrinio city where she keeps her own artistic studio. Her works can be found in public and private collections all over the world.