Larissa Uvarova


About the artist:

  • Why you start work as an artist?

I like to create. I love the moments when I’m creating because I feel the strong connection with my soul, body and the Universe itself. This is my way to harmonize my soul through the creation. I really like to create abstract seascapes, using blue and light-blue, light-green colors. And as long I create I realize that I want my paintings will treat and harmonize the soul of the viewer. It’s difficult to describe but I really strongly feel that I should do it every day. End every day I improve my technique to achieve the effect of calmness and love through my artworks. I want you to rest near my painting and I want you to feel that you are in the place of energy, love, tenderness, calmness and home. My paintings transfer all of this things.

  • What do you select your subject matter?

My painting about endless, love, harmony, tenderness, calmness, they are about something huge and full of energy. They are about God or Universe – it doesn’t matter what to choose. For me it is the same thing. I want my paintings will fill your soul with the best and you will be balanced. I just want to transform my energy and my feelings of all of this to the canvas. Because painting it’s alive thing and I believe that it can be more and more than just a painting.

  • How do you create one of your works? What is unique or unusual about your technique/process? 

I create my artworks oil on canvas, sometimes I add gold pigment. I work with thin layers of paint that gives me to achieve the depth effect in my paintings. I prefer to work with the big formats of canvas like a 150x200 cm, but there are many artworks of the middle size like 100x100 cm or 120x70 cm, etc. During the creation process I care a lot about the color and forms. And I can’t stop creating till the time I will be sure that I’m OK with both of them. This is interesting process because sometimes I need to search how to achieve color and depth effect during 1-2 month. But I like it. And I like the process of searching.