Lautaro Bianchi


About the artist:

Lautaro Bianchi, born in 1975 in Argentina, lives and works in Berlin.

With over a decade into experimental chemistry photography, Lautaro's work became known for his images developed with urine taken from the toilets of Berlin's mythical techno club "Berghain", epicentre of lysergic culture and whose fluids will make the images disappear. In his most recent works, dancing silhouettes, singing lips, optical effects of images printed on large transparent lenses can be seen in motion as we move. These images were presented in 2019 at the "Schaubude Berlin" as part of the international festival "Theatre der Dinge", or theatre of things, which is one of the most important German festivals of contemporary figure and object theatre.

Lautaro is also an architect with a long career and was the owner of a dance club in the late 90s. Always interested in his roots, he has participated in the most major international art fairs and contemporary art exhibitions in Latin America, his artworks can be found in numerous international private collections.