love the abstract beacuse then I have to unconditionally throw myself into the word of colors and with excitement see what comes out, which looks different in the viewer´s eye, which is wonderful. For me, the moments in the studio are balm for the soul.

About the artist:

Lena Blyckert is a Sweden based artist. She started painting late in life in after a knee injury. She's always been a creative soul though she used to express it in other forms.

She works with acrylic paint and different mixed media, then she can play with different structures to get a more vivid expression. Her main source of inspiration is nature, images and events. She's also inspired by other artists but it's mostly colors what drives her inspiration. She can go and think of different color shades and get an indescribable desire to throw herself into the world of colors not knowing what triggers it but diving deep into the experience.