Lera Berk


About the artist:

Saint-Petersburg based analog collage and mixed media artist born in Teriberka, Russia.

I've been drawing and taking pictures with my camera since I was a child. One moment, when quarantine 2020 has started, I decided to mix my two favorite creative spheres. I got myself a cheap printer with a scanner and began to print photos from my archives. Then I carved it, glued together, painted over it and scanned. It feels like a meditation to me. I think that the process of creating is a transformation of positive and negative emotions into a work of art. It helps me have a balance in my thoughts.

Now I can’t imagine my life without these serene moments when I sublimate all my nightmares in collages.

My pictures can sometimes look a bit frightening but they are a part of my fantasy where every person can see a reflection of their own fears.