Liesbeth Willaert


About the artist:

Liesbeth Willaert is a Belgian artist (°1981) living in Barcelona since 6 years. Ever since she was a little girl, she has been fascinated by colors and has been drawing & painting her whole life.

A radical change in her work can be seen - when she realized her dream-  settling down at the Mediterranean. As an Erasmus student back in 2002, Liesbeth fell in love in with the Southern vibes of Barcelona, and knew she would come back to live there once….

“The intensity of light, the hours of sun, the colour of the surrounding nature and the general way of living at the Mediterranean redefined my choice of what are to me “natural colors” and how to define a thing called “life”. Regarding Liesbeth her art, we can definitely see a use of sharper contrast and more vibrant & fluorescent colors the year when the artist settled in Barcelona.

Since then, her style progressed further and as some art critics mention, she has her very own approach to “colorful constructivism”. It’s true that geometry plays an important role in her work, but as a part of the contrast between organic, wild, uncontrolled layers and hard edged geometric shapes. As the artist says herself “It’s a dance between the organic and geometric shapes. They are two opposites, each fighting for its very own place in the painting… but only together, they give a sense of harmony and balance.”


These words describe at the same time, why I paint and what purpose my art work could have.

All my paintings are created from a drive of self-expression and creation. Abstract painting to me is the purest form of self-expression (what for me equals the purest and most authentic way of being me). Connection is key. My work aims to connect, to reveal and to inspire people.  Colors are a language, there’s no need to explain or tell a story. It’s a matter of feeling the connection and energy.

Each final painting is a result of different layers reflecting different inner moods. Contrast within the painting is often created due to a deliberate rest period within the process which helps me to apply another inner state. As such, when a painting is final we could speak of a realized ‘inner trip’, a kind of ‘voyage’ or ‘journey’. My works are mostly described as ‘lyrical abstract’ or how I like to call it myself “Colour(e)scapes”.

In the end, it makes my work very open, honest and authentic.

It’s definitely a mirror of my inner world or you could say, the physical object of the canvas is in a way a materialized expression, version or copy of myself. A true selfie.