About the artist:

Linda Moufadil was born in 1973 in Rabat, Morocco. She comes from a Moroccan-Norwegian double culture. She graduated in 1998 as a graphic designer in visual communication. As a hyperrealist painter, her influences include great masters such as Caravaggio, Vermeer, Gerhard Richter, Richard Estes, Claudio Bravo and Claude Yvel. Most of her inspirations was born from instantaneous moments of everyday life. She wants to capture as much precision as possible using very fine and concise tracings. She is a hyper-realist urban landscape artist, who uses the technological- augmented possibilities, inherent to create stunning urban landscapes painted in oil on canvas.

She composes through a simple image and contains the most evocative and powerful aspects of each image; enhancing the reality of any given site into a more striking scene and complete with poetry. Although photographs are used as a starting point in the painting process, the intention is not to deceive the eye but to create logical and unified images, leaving room for interpretation. Her goal is to achieve a strong and independent visual idea.

She has the art of challenging and inciting curiosity. Her production shows a certain virtuosity, but is by no means incidental or anecdotal. It even exudes a certain magnetism. The artist works from several photographs that she makes herself, from which she takes the useful elements to structure her painting. This is followed by a very meticulous work, based on precise sketches and a skillful brushstroke as the details are so important.

She finds her inspiration largely in urban landscapes through various trips. "I am attracted by everything that man does and particularly mobilitý, an obviousness". For example, "the car fascinates me because the mechanical complex is visible and therefore, easy to understand," she explains. "The people who wait in the cafes say a lot". "I am fascinated by this waiting that seems immeasurable.

Linda Moufadil is also an illustrator and graphic designer for "Poésie Première". She makes covers of poetry collections in collaboration with other poets and writers in France and in Europe. She has published 2 children's books with Marsam Éditions (Morocco). She has collaborated with several poet writers for illustrations and tales for children.