Lotta Westergren


About the artist:

I am a self-taught artist and I paint with love, joy and passion as well as intuition. I also write poems, in Swedish, and I design trays. I have participated in exhibitions in Sweden and Italy. 

I also have had my own gallery

I have always been creative and have been painting for 30 years. I have no idea at all, what it will be when I first start to paint. I trust the painting process entirely.
I feel what color and which painting tool appeals to me in the moment and then I get started.



2021 International collective exhibition, MADS Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

2018 Collective exhibiton, Galleri Konst-igt, Eskilstuna Sweden

2017 Solo exhibition Galleri West, Eskilstuna, Sweden
2016 Solo exhibition, Galleri West, Eskilstuna., Sweden

2016 Solo exhibition Galleri West, Eskilstuna, Sweden
2014 Collective exhibition, Café Lilltuppen, Eskilstuna, Sweden
2013 Collective exhibiiton, Café Lilltuppen, Eskilstuna, Sweden
1998 Solo exhibiton, Caféet, Företagens hus, Eskilstuna, Sweden


I also do this: Writes poems, designs trays, prints/posters, arrange art exhibitions (both with my own art and with other artists)