Lotte Kjøller


About the artist:

Visual artist Lotte Kjøller has exhibited many meritable places. She debuted at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition in 1995 and received 3 works in 1996. In 1997, she spent a lay-trip ½ years in Paris, where she studied at Ecole Des Beaux Artes. Before that, she was in 3 years of master's degree at the visual artist Jeff Ibbo. After the trip, Lotte was admitted to the Artist's Summer Exhibition in 2000 and 2001. Now she has received the professional quality stamp as a member of the Danish Association of Visual Arts (BKF) and is even in the Danish Authors Association (DFF) as illustrator. She exhibits herself in the "Arthouse" art trade, Kbh. Lotte works with painting, lithography, sculpture, drawing, lyric and illustration. Lotte Kjøller's paintings are almost always based on human relationships. In fact, one or two people often see one or another situation. Some situations take place in nature, part of a closed interior. Music, play and dream sequences are depicted in several of the artist's pictures. In 2008, the artist has performed a series of images that have been given the common name "change". Here, understood as both transformation and change, ie. human ability to change (transform) through life. This is depicted through the subject as well as through the color. The color is bubbly and expressive. Occasionally, gold and silver are used as a sparkling underlining of movement in direct and / or transmitted meaning. Quote: Lise-Lotte Blom, art historian,

Left photo: Rose. Acrylic on canvas.50x50 cm Price: 6000 kr Patch Work. Floor work. Acrylic on plate. 120x180 cm 20,000 kr. Painting right picture left on the wall: On the way. 80x100 cm. 12,000 kr Middle: Sea foam. 120x180 cm 20,000 kr.right: Mermaid. 60x80 cm 8500 kr. All acrylic on canvas. 

Lotte Kjoeller – selected cv

Born 1966 i Koege, Denmark


2017+2018 Kurator to artprojekt ”/det NØGNE menneske/he NAKED human art”, SAK kunstbygning,17. og vARTe kunsthal,18.

1997-1998 Kunstakademiet/Academy of fine arts Ecole Des Beaux Artes, Paris, Frankrig/Fance. 

1992-1995 Mesterlære v./ Apprenticeship v./ by billedkunstner/visual artist Jeff Ibbo 

1993-1996 Københavns Universitet, kunsthistorie/ Copenhagen University, History of art


2018 PAKS Gallery, MAMAG Modern Art Museum and Gallery GmbH, Blindenmarkt, Østrig/ Austria

2014 Skovlunde Kulturhus, Ballerup Kunstforening/ Skovlunde Culture, Art Association Ballerup, DK

2000-2018 Gallery Pialeh, Frederiksberg, DK

2017 Frederiksberg Rådhus/ Frederiksberg Town Hall, DK

2009+19 Pakhus Gallery, Nykøbing sj/ Nykoebing Sealand, DK

2009,11 Gallery Strandgade, Nexø /Nexoe, Bornholm, DK

2008-10 CopenHart Gallery, København/ Copenhagen, DK

2008-11 Gallery Claus C, Copenhagen, DK

2008: Gallery LB,Copenhagen, DK

2007 Arthouse Kunsthandel, Frederiksberg, DK

2006-8 Gallery Kellum, Copenhagen, DK

2006: Gallery ”Over Gaden”, Skælskør, DK.

2004: ”JP- gallery”, Copenhagen, DK

2004: Gallery ”Deco Art”, Hillerød, DK

2000 Gammelgaard, Herlev, DK


2017-18 Gammel Dock, Copenhagen, DK.

2014 -19 ”det NØGNE menneske” /"The NAKED human art"as artist and curator: Den Gule Villa /The Yellow Villa, Frederiksberg 14, DK and SAK kunstbygning /SAK Exhibition Hall, Svendborg,17,  DK. Kunsthal vARTe/ vARTe exhibition Hall, Varde, 18, DK. and Pakhus Gallery, Nykøbing sj / Pakhus Gallery, Nykoebing sealand, 19, DK.

2013-15 Havfruer- og frøkner: Pakhuset Nykøbing Sj, DK. Galleri Nørballe, Augustenborg, Sønderjylland/South Jutland, DK. Ganggalleriet, Farum, DK. og Bisbegaarden, Kalundborg.H.C. Andersens Museum, Odense, DK. Gallery LABR, Roskilde, DK. Københavns Rådhus/ Copenhagen Town Hall, DK

2015 Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, DK

2014 Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, Berlin, Tyskland

2013 Gallery Gathering, New York, Usa

2012,13,14 Than Mór Mail Art Museum, Ungarn

Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Tyskland/Germany

2008 Ino-Cho Paper Museum, Japan 

2007 Politikens Hus, København/Copenhagen, DK

2006 Kloster Gallerie/Gallery Leinau,Tyskland 

2006+2011 Portalen/Portal, Greve, DK

2004 ”Kronprins Frederik, Marys samling”/'Crown Prince Frederik and Mary's collection ", Christiansborg, Copenhagen, DK 

2000+2001 Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling/Artists Summer Exhibition, Thistrup, DK

1997+2011 Rundetårn, København/ Round Tower, Copenhagen, DK

1995+1996 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling/ Autumn Art Exhibition , Copenhagen, DK

1993+1994 Kunstmuseet Køge Skitsesamling(nuværende KOS)/ Køge Art Museum of Sketches, Koege, DK

1988 Nicolai Udstillingsbygning (nuværende kunsthal)/ Nicolai exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, DK


BKF – Billedkunstnernes Forbund/ BKF Artists' Association Denmark. DF – Dansk Forfatterforening, illustrator + lyrikgruppe/ DF Danish Writers Association, illustrator + poetry group. KKS – Kvindelige Kunstneres Samfund/ KKS Women Artists Society