Lydia Bullock


About the artist:

Three works depicted in this portfolio are a part of an original series, Greenly, developed from a range of mediums- including pen and ink, graphite and charcoal.

Greenly has been made to dissect the strange and intrusive thoughts that accompany a person suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. These commonly comorbid conditions are thought of as a physical manifestation of worry, anxiety, depression, and uncontrolled thoughts and behavior. These challenging conditions come with a unique side effect; intrusive thoughts overwhelm, attack and drain the mind of reason in episodes, many times visually. The real sensations that come with powerful manifestations of fear is the main focus of this series, where I show just a view of some challenges that have invaded daily living.

From the obvious “To Touch a Table” portraying the fixation on the physical worry that comes with touching surfaces, to “Diodon Hysterix” that showcase the complex ‘pricks and pringles’ from intrusive sensations, Greenly silently matches compulsion to canvas. “Impermanence” was a first look into my own views about what feels to be looked at from society. The different styles and mediums are used to explore different feelings associated with the varying symptoms of the mental illness, as everyone experiences them differently - even the title is a subtle tribute to my personal tic with words of specific pronunciation).

“Per Mortem Infecunditate” (or Death by Infertility) is a multimedia work on paper in which I studied the many symbols of fertility throughout history to challenge the cultural constructions of what is often considered a “tragedy” for a woman. I have arranged my symbols of fertility, the hare and the pomegranate, laying in positions resembling the human uterus. As these symbols decay, they show beauty in their own right. Infertility has often been followed by harassment, guilt, and inner turmoil, yet I believe in a modernist perspective it is more expected and even desirable to be infertile - as made obvious by great movements in birth control access and a generation of people not wanting to have children. 

Artists’ Bio

Hi, my name is Lydia. I am a multimedia artist from Texas. I work with pen and ink, oil, acrylics, clay sculpture and digital media. I am currently studying in Ireland for my Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Art. My work started as an outlet for my OCD and PTSD and now it has become a full blown passion. I wish to use the arts as a way to give relief and therapy for others whom have suffered great trauma such as domestic and sexual abuse survivors, those suffering from sensory-processing issues and social deficits. I focus my work on illustration and am currently working to make visual experiences using performance, video, and projections. I have a desperation for understanding abstraction in character, the meanings humans put to objects, animals and ideas. Tangibility is a sense of life I am constantly fighting with. I am pushing myself to move farther and farther from real, concrete ‘things’, like a bird, or what have you, but yet I cannot help but feel that those tangible things, when finally wrought out in some medium,  become more than their lost story. In the coming years I hope to not only separate our connections to our experiences of symbols, but to eventually have a full realization of the abstract nature of our stories, that live far beyond our generations and cultures.