Maïté Lefebvre


About the artist:

Maité Lefebvre is a young french artist who works exclusively with ink. She produces large formats on aluminium. She draws her inspiration from movement, which she also explores in her work as a dancer for the company: «La Compagnie du Dedans» in Paris.

Also, being hypersensitive and very interested in spiritual questions, the inks take on a very special meaning for the artist. For her they evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding her of the singular visions of auras that she has had in the past.

She found the same intensity in the inks' colours as the ones she perceives when she sees auras.

Whether it is through movement, drawing, writing, or song, the pleasure that she takes lies in improvisation. She experiences improvisation as a process in which she can connect herself to her own interiority, to the most intimate part of her being, but also to a collective, universal flow.

When she draws, the process is always the same. She savours the different textures of the present moment. Sensitivity blossoms, aesthetic emotions are released, and she find beauty in everything, even in an economy of gesture.  There is no mental elaboration; anticipation and control are not part of the equation. It is just a matter of letting it happen.

It is this posture of freedom that is dear to her and that defines the common thread of her artistic process.

For Maité Lefebvre, inks are a testimony, a bridge between the visible world and the invisible world. This is the reason why every ink floats in white space and every painting is displayed without a frame. This is her way of expressing this symbol."