My work is a game of form and content. It's the search for abstraction in the real world.

About the artist:

Martyna Malka Górecka (b. 1991) is an oil painter, photographer, drawer, painting school owner.

In 2018 graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Master of Fine Art degree/painting). In 2013 graduated from Studio Sztuki (proffesion: Artistic Photographer).

For two years she has been an owner of painting and drawing school ‘Powidok’ in Warsaw.

She has made several dozens of exhibitions and individual shows in Poland.

Presently she's making series of realistic paintings based on impressions from travels: main topic of her works are forms of fish or sea food. She rescales natural, real fish formed in groups to non - real size. It is like a glimpse, a fleeting memories about lights and colors. All of her painting are abstracted frames and they are just like a game between forms and essence. She is like a seeker for abstraction in the natural world.