Margaux Laneyrie


About the artist:

Artist painter, pastellist, dancer, choreographer and plastic-choreographic performer.

At 27, OX'Art . Margaux Laneyrie dances with giddiness and exposes it.

OX'Art mixes dance with painting, in an intermedial process that she calls "body-brush" in order to deliver intense immersive experiences via kinesthetic sharing.

The plastico-choreographic performance, the main method, allows him to pictorially transcribe the state of his body in action on the canvas.

The artist uses some different mediums, like the dance, the centrifuge, the performance and lots of acrylics painting, medium and soft pastels. Most often with the feet, the soles of shoes, sneakers. Then other times with either brushes or even masonry trowels and spatulas.

Subject to vertigo and their visual and psycho-physical effects, almost syncopal, the artist has been creating and reflecting for years around this subject. She practices the body centrifuge in order to create pictorial backgrounds or final canvas. Then, on these backgrounds, she caresses the surface with pastel in order to define shapes informing of dancing bodies, in weightlessness, twirling or even falling.

The work of color and contrast is important in his project. Both colorful and dark, OX'Art's works visually reflect fragments of reality. These chromatic contrasts or these color explosions are indicative of the artist's "intra-eyelid" visions during vertigo attacks. In this dark universe of syncope, with closed eyes, there is a multi-colored facet of small scintillating touches. The artist works mainly on large format, up to two meters by four, in order to express, share and immerse the viewer in a dizzying immersive experience.

Between visual arts and performing arts, the limit is tiny. Art is a show, it’s a life experience, an immersion in an elsewhere to be shared. The artist offers an invitation to travel, to an elsewhere made of mental landscapes, in a spatial and sensitive universe, that of waking dreams.

OX'Art's approach and performance gradually tend to transform into an installation device.

OX’Art exhibits in atypical galleries, physical, online or physical’s digital, in France and internationally, notably in Italy, at Milano. Recently, she won the 1st Prize at the Official Palmarès, of the ABSTRACT ART 2021 international competition, in Spain, in the “Paintings (all medias)” category.

Artist Biography :

Born in Roanne, France, Year 1993

She trained very early in dance, then discovered the plastic arts, especially painting.

At the age of four, she started taking dance classes. Starting with Classical and Modern-Jazz until she was 12, with Christel Bayon Maisonneuve, she was attracted by Hip-hop and Breakdance, where she was trained by Reda Bendjilali, founding member of the Cie Les Melting Potes, later named Cie No'made.

She continues her evolution of dance and blossoms fully in Hip-hop, a discipline that still accompanies her today. In 2014, she is interested in contemporary dance, where she evolves as a self-taught. In parallel, at the age of 12, she begins her initiation to painting.

Practicing plastic arts in high school, then in college with the teacher and painter Jean-Pierre Pyat, she turns to plastic art and performance.

In high school, forced to paint with a brush, she breaks the rules and launches into dance-painting performances, in workshops and in the street.
She leaves Roanne for Saint-Étienne to develop her knowledge and artistic practice at the Jean Monnet University where she enrolls in a Bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts and Art History.

In 2013, as part of her studies, she staged an exhibition for a vernissage at Philippe Buil's Art Pluriel Gallery in Saint-Étienne. This experience allows her to learn the work of a gallery owner, from an artistic and commercial point of view. It also allows her to apprehend the plastic arts, the exhibitions and the strolling of the public under another angle, that of the staging which gives her the desire to open her artistic perspectives.

In the course of 2014, she realizes the artistic-events creation "The library is on fire", within a collective of students and alongside Rosario Mineo, art professor at the University of Visual Arts of Saint-Etienne, where she presents one of her plastic installations in the Municipal Library of Lyon Part-Dieu.

She continued her studies with a Professional Degree in Communication and Multimedia Business in Vichy, where she learned to perceive art with a new look and to question the different ways of practicing and presenting it.

She exhibited pictorial works in 2015, during the inter-artistic event "Liberté, j'écris ton nom", at the Blaise Pascale University, UFR LACC, in Vichy.

She continues her journey in Master Artistic Creation, at the UGA of Grenoble - specialization in performing arts in order to cross disciplines.

She has always been interested in vertigo and tracing in an intimate, kinesthetic and visual relationship.

She tends towards a work of improvisation from different states of the body: vertigo, falling and loss of balance.

In 2016, she presents with Angela Kontis the performance La Dualité de l'Homme, during the “Nocturne des étudiants” at the Musée de Grenoble. This performance, created to enable the mediation of De Chirico's Les Époux, raises the question of gender.

She also exhibited her poster graphics at the Interuniversity Cultural Festival at the Maison P. Kuntzmann, twice in a row, on the theme “Monstre” that year, and then on “L'Infini” in 2017.

She exhibits some of these works at the Ateliers de la Rue Raisin, in Saint-Etienne, during the group exhibition "L'espace rêve".

In addition, she began exhibiting in digital gallery shows such as (7th abstract painting show, 11th and 12th all-technique painting shows, 2016 to 2018).

Since September 2016, she has been a dancer-performer and choreographer for the pieces Ragnarök, Les Lucioles au fond de la boîte, TIC-TAC ROUILLES and Les Yeux d'Abigaïl by the company Bardanes, in Grenoble.

She is creating her YouTube channel, in 2019, to expose a second part of her art, with OX'Art DANCE . Margaux Laneyrie.

In 2017, she won the jury's coup de coeur award with her work Fœtus Solaire, during the pictorial competition, "Le Printemps des poètes", at the University of Grenobles Alpes.

In 2019, she also proposes new plastic-choreographic performances on the subject of vertigo, mixing painting and dance in a process of creation "body- brush", such as Sur la Vague d'une Basket, for the Festiv'Arts (Festival of street arts) of Grenoble.

That same year, she presented a solo exhibition, as well as a collective one, at the Café évènementiel Le Verniss'Art.

The same year, she exhibited her personal works, as well as a collaboration with the lightpainter Twenty Cent Light, during the “Biennale de la TEC” de Voiron.

At the beginning of 2020, she presents her current exhibition at the 404 Gaming & Drinks, an atypical bar in the city of Grenoble.

Then she continues to prepare a new exhibition for the Tourist Office of Lans-En- Vercors, which was to take place in April 2020. But due to the COVID-19 crisis, it should be postponed for 2022.

It is the same for a choreographic performance and a solo exhibition, on which the artist continues to work, for the Festiv'Arts de Grenoble, as well as for the “Nocturne du Musée” on the theme "Sauvage" with his engaged and violent work R.A.K, mediating the work Les Carcasses by Philippe Cogné. These events should be postponed until September 2020.

Finally, the “Nocturne du Musée” de Grenoble is held virtually and is currently running on all social networks.

In October 2020, OX'Art DANCE makes a success during the “Nocturne du Musée” de Grenoble and its creation R.A.K.

In 2021, she continues with a new choreographic creation. Les Baskets rouges. It will be presented in collaboration with the Museum of Grenoble and the city of Grenoble, during the event "Le Musée Imaginaire". Then, it will be exported during the event "The night of the museums of Europe".

She exhibited her work Re-Construction at La Grande Expo, organized by ARTAGEM and La Zone Art, on the theme "Collapse and Rebirth", in partnership with the Casemate, in Grenoble. And also the work Galaxy EXIT at the “Printemps des poètes”, on the theme of desire, in partnership with the UGA, Grenoble.

She was also given a role in the series "Les Seigneurs" by the Company Bardanes, written by Léa Barnel and directed by Quentin Lagnitre (KUEL Productions). In this series, she is an actress, choreographer and dancer.

Moreover, she exports her art internationally and exhibits one of her key works First Space Flight and her video performance of the live creation On the wave of a sneaker, at the MADS MILANO gallery, in Milan, Italy.

The artist participates in the event "An artwork at home", a device set up during the confinements to exhibit works in people's homes, thus bringing art to the house.

In April 2021, OX'Art is awarded the 1st prize, category "painting (all media)" of the international competition ABSTRACT ART 2021, in Spain, with her work Galaxy EXIT.

Following this, an article about her appears in the magazine ART4ANY, in the issue of June 2021.

You can also find her on the online art stores ArtActif, ARTMO and United Artists Store.

From June 2021 to October 2021, OX'Art is participating in Online Exhibition “River of Dreams", created by The Contemporary Art Curator Magazine & Gallery.