Margret Huebschen


About the artist:

Contemporary art in sculpture has a diverse language to take positions, to shape forms, and to make the invisible visible.

_Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes it visible: _  this is a quote by Paul Klee, 

and also represents a guiding principle of my artistic work.

­_What moves people? _ I aim to convey the visibility of innermost emotionality, to render the expressive power of sculpture and relief tangible, and to move out of one‘s own world of feelings, is what I would like to convey to the viewer.

Dancing is also theme and guiding principle of my creative work. To me,

_ dancing is the feeling of being one with time and space, in unison with the music _

For my sculptures I chose on the one hand the medium bronze which süpports the sensual through ist shine and the reflecting light. In the medium of stucco, on the other hand, the porosity of its structure underlines the sense of movement. The restlessly moving surface is my own and supports my theme _ unmoved   be moved _

To realize all this is the center of my   work.

To express tranquility, internal and external movement, simultaneous vivacity and lightness, and to bring into field of view the sculpture and the formal language together with space and time, is my intention.

As mentioned, dancing is also theme and guideline of my creative work.

Dance, its inspiration, its movement, its inner being in motion, _ be moved _ is time travel.

  _TimeArt_ The question is: How do I expand the form?  By viewing the body as an instrument and finding and reflecting the multifaceted world of thoughts and feelings, as well as presence through personality and an individual representation of character.


born 1957 in Fischbach near Saarbrücken / Germany

I live as a free and independent artist in Coesfeld Lette / Germany

I completed my studies in sculpture at the Academy of Art in Bochum / Germany

and moreover, I studied in the 2007 at the Faculty of Sculpture at the University of Art and Design in Halle / Germany.