About the artist:

I am a Lebanese self-taught Artist.  I studied English Literature and Languages, but my career took a turn towards the Broadcast & Television field. It was fun while it lasted, but I think I found the purpose of my brief journey on planet earth, the day I bought my first canvas.

My love for philosophy made me seek the mysterious truth most great teachers discovered. I believe each and every one of us is seeking the same truth.  The big question of God or Universe or whatever power that IS that created us. When I started painting, I was going through what could be the ugliest period of my life. I thought I hit rock bottom. My mind was so exhausted from failed results that life started to look like a joke to me. The second I laughed at what used to bring me pain, I was aware of my awakening power. I stopped making sense out of sense, and that is the only sense I accept now.

My first paintings mostly portray women, but I kept giving the bigger space to the head area. Whether it be the hair, a crown, a cloud or stripes, the area around the head was always the obvious focus of the painting. Little did I know, I was painting my emotions throughout the awakening stages I studied the power of the mind by all means. I read and re-read the books, I watched long darn hours seminars. One seminar led to another and the more you know the hungrier the mind becomes for knowledge. I discovered that it doesn't matter what the long story is, they are all saying the same thing. We become what we think about. I opened my mind to understand different belief systems. I didn’t adapt any, but I didn’t reject any without understanding first either.

I can say with my humble but not too modest awareness the following: There is a truth and every human being knows it in the deep core of what we call heart. The reason I say it is a truth, because once the mind stretches to a certain level of awareness on a certain vibration, it just knows, It just is. The word to describe this awareness is 'Oneness'. It’s when we become one with our creator and start collaborating together towards fulfilling the major purpose. Every single one of my paintings is an  expression of  my higher self.  An understanding of the higher self would be described as the extended nonphysical version of a person, version of a person. Or the extended nonphysical point of view of the locked up potential within a person. It’s the voice that tells you what you really want, the same one you don’t listen to and choose to ignore just to be reasonable. Here is a tip: Be Unreasonable.

It is now my duty to plant a seed of that knowledge through whatever art I can create, in the mind of whoever wants to see. Not the physical act of seeing, but the highest faculty of seeing. Seeing with the mind through our imagination. Everything that has ever been created was nothing but a simple seed of an idea planted in the mind, showered with imagination before it became a lightbulb. Talk about rationality. It is hard to make someone believe in anything really, but I never underestimate the power of planting a positive seed in any mind.