Maria Bou Habib


About the artist:

Maria Bou Habib, is a French artist born in Lebanon, living in Paris, Senior Lecturer with a PHD degree in Art History at Paris Nanterre University. She has participated into many collective exhibitions in the Middle East & France. She has six solo exhibitions between Lebanon & France, participation in many workshops in France, Russia, Jordan Tunisia & Lebanon. Being an Instructor at several universities in Lebanon, she worked as a freelancer artist on several projects in the Middle East including large scale Mural in her own style. She studied Arts at ALBA Academy Lebanon, Repin Academy St. Petersburg Russia & Ensba Paris. All surfaces & materials are her playground from jewelry, to ceramics, paintings, murals, mosaics, design elements, fusing glass, ext.

“My art takes its sources from figurative painting & realistic, it is symbolic, modern, flat spaces creating depth and enhanced by the body shapes and signs. It tries to achieve balance between, opacity and transparency with Plexiglas materiel in the lightings Artworks : Human shapes are often none transparent, shady and wear masks, since our modern life took our innocence from us, i am trying to capture the light and transparencies vanished from some silhouettes, and yet present in others but disturbed, still searching for transparency beyond shapes and shades. Plexiglas and light, merge visibly. The vibration of the color & bright gradients accompanies various geometrized plans. Different silhouettes, are dancing light on the Plexiglas weighed down by layers of the same material, pure colors worked in solids. This vibration of colors reminds me of glass brightness and reflections. Plans with structures, leak point transcend curves, shapes and silhouettes are stretched. Colors embrace the symbolism, there is another dimension of this infinite time.

Time is ambivalent
It causes feelings of fear, or it rocks situations, softened and expands.
Everything merges, all binds, but everything is clear to the end and easier than you think! It is games, games of life: Love, hate, time, conflict, & serenity.
The mood is translated in a metaphysical and symbolic way.
Criticism, dreams, memories, thoughts shared & wishes extend through the paintings.

Maria Bou Habib

Legends, Love intrigues, the atmosphere is far dreamier as anxious.
Various specific lines come many or block multiple vanishing points, the various plans and prospects that transcend body silhouettes and clocks. Many plans for different dimensions”.