Mariam Katcharava


About the artist:

I, Mariam Katcharava was born on 31st of December, 1998, In Kutaisi, Georgia. Professionally I am a graphic designer and a collage artist. Everything started with me loving drawing as a child. As years went on I began to notice that I could had the ability deconstruction what I visually saw. In 2017 I got accepted in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. On the Faculty of Graphic design. Today I work in the Advertising field. I have participated in international exhibitions of modern art in Spain and in Germany. I am one of the winners of Forbes Georgia’s 30 under30 in the field of arts and culture. I cooperate with a lot of good companies in my country and outside its borders and I try to use the style that I have created to help to show what they do.  

In other ways, Collage was the first and the most precious field that I actively started working on and have not stopped since. The details, the materials,the ideas, the feelings and inspirations where always all around, especially in my life. Embodied fantasies became stories, which were visualized. I have always tried to direct my work towards more closed, intimate subjects - Human philosophy, erotica, mentality, fears. Learning the political basis of collage taught me how to deliver a story to people. The esthetics that follows collage became the basis of all future projects. They were mainly musical projects, festivals and album art-covers. Deconstructive thinking helped me to not only feel materials but to feel the music and visualize it as well. For me, the universe is a one giant connection. One unanswered metaphor that can only be solved by connecting the details.