Marie-Caroline Fraboni


About the artist:

Painting is an exercise in visualizing my different inner states, my thoughts on t,he world and others.

It is a magnificent space for the transformation of everything that "nourishes" me: my readings, meetings, radio broadcasts, music ... everything is reflected in my paintings.

I am the one who knows the meaning of certain lines, certain curves, the colors… why they meet, constrain, arise or disappear.

I write about my works to convey meaning, but whoever looks at my painting will recreate their own interpretation: it will be a new unique encounter.

It is magic !

The place of painting is a magical place of transformation, meeting with oneself and transmission.

It is: taking back the time to be, breathe, wait, trust each other, and also lose confidence, get angry, no longer believe in it.

Then everything starts up again: the encounter with creation is so moving, when it appears. And the need to paint, which is felt strongly physically or deeply in the hand, the arm ... until it becomes essential.

"Saying with colors" is also a peaceful weapon.

Any woman can have access to the Rio Abajo Rio, that river under the river. It will be achieved through meditation, dancing, writing, painting, prayer, song, active imagination, or any activity requiring a different state of consciousness. It is because she desires and searches for something that she discerns out of the corner of her eye that she will find herself in this world-between-the-worlds. "

"Women who run with the wolves", by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, page 53-54, chapter: Howl with the wolves: resurrection of the Wild Woman, The pocket book, edition 29, 2020.

Description of you artistic concept:

I practice watercolor with more or less water, in a more or less spontaneous research.

I can't cover up or camouflage with watercolor paint, it's like the truth has to come through.

My thoughts when painting are: when to stop? what space to leave to colors and emptiness?

I practice letting go and mastery, exploring the work from detail to the whole: the paintings never cease to surprise me.

Currently, I am inspired by ancient Japanese prints in the movements, the signs. And I associate this inspiration with the colors of flowers. My intention is to associate the different colors of water, of the ocean with plant nature.

Water, sea and ocean are a constant source of inspiration in my life. I draw from it anxieties, fear and at the same time fascination. Nature nourishes me with its flowers, vegetation and trees. I practice describing its paradoxes with my brushes.


I use watercolor paint, brushes, easels, thick 300gr / m2 paper in a size of 50cm by 65cm.

I don't draw on the artwork, I always start with a brush.

Sometimes I paint smaller and therefore reinterpret in a larger format if the subject seems essential to me.

I think of my ecological footprint and the possible destruction of the works. Even if this is counterbalanced by the desire to preserve the creations and to respect the possible purchase of the work.


Upgraded to Applied Arts in Besançon in 1999, Marie-Caroline has preferred the path of Fine Arts : she was accepted in a school art in Perpignan (south of France). 

She created sculptures made of metals, clay and dried plants, covered with acrylic, and as well as art installations. 

At that time, she felt not ready to join this school, and preferring to avoid artistic standardization.

Marie-caroline went to the university and studied the History of Art during three years. Besides her studies at the faculty, she met a lot of children while being an animator specialized in art.

Wanting to do more for children in difficulty, she became a specialized educator and used of artistic media : clay, paintings, tales.

Forced to stop her educational and therapeutic activity due to an illness, Marie-Caroline found painting three years ago.

Today, she is recovering health and her artistic activity in joy and sharing.