Marie Es-Borrat


About the artist:


The artist Marie Es-Borrat studied fashion and worked in the luxury industry for many years in Milan.

At the same time, she has always painted and  has had several exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy and Paris.

Since 2011, her creation is the reflect of her own experience: painting, photographic art direction, illustration reminiscent of textile printing, etc.

Her work started in 2012, „Nature is part of us“, speaks about the connection with our inner person and the relationship with our environment.

The artist says, "there are days when I feel the need to bring out my emotions on canvas by creating imaginary, colorful, contrasting, layered flowery landscapes, and then sometimes I simply return to something more minimal and pure, methodical even meditative with embossed monochromes, photo-montages. The link is simple, it is the layers, the different planes that tell what I am or what I feel and what I can observe around me."

Her pictorial work called «under the skin» is an example that speaks of interiority, and emotions. This new technique allows her to experiment with matter and color with great sensitivity.

The artist would like to thank the "Service de la Culture du Valais" in Switzerland. Thanks to its research and creation fonds, this reflection was made possible.

The artist lives and works in Switzerland, sells her works and is open to mandates, concerning art but also fashion.

Contact :


marie es-borrat 

Distinctions :

2001 - Ermenegildo Zegna Award for her women’s collection «bab’s go chic».

2010 - Publication of her works «Swisslandscape» at Mondadori editions - «The matter is the color».

2014 then in 2019 - Laureate of a residency in Paris at the "Fondation Suisse / Pavillon Le Corbusier " through the Service de la Culture du Valais.

2015 - Winner of a grant from the "Cité Universitaire de Paris" for the exhibition «Contrastes».

2020 - Winner of a research and creation grant from the "Service de la Culture du Valais".