Martin Feri


About the artist:

Martin Feri graduated from the Secondary School of Glass in Nový Bor and then focused mainly on applied and artistic design.
The basis of his current work are paintings, using a non-traditional material, which is a steel sheet. 

The special character and structure is inspired by the special technique that Martin Feri has been developing for over eight years. 

Martin‘s paintings are made up of dozens of layers, which are ultimately 60 or more. It is a time-consuming and technically demanding method, in which individual works are created for several months. 

Martin Feri‘s paintings bear a unique and unmistakable handwriting. For their perfect design and detailed thought, they are highly sought after in modern space, as well as industrial buildings and minimalist architecture. 

In addition to the Czech Republic, Martin Feri is represented in collections in Germany, England, Spain and Portugal. 

Solo exbitions: 

2021  Výstava Děčín – Na plech

2018 KusKovu, Praha - Geometrie rzi 

2015 Ukradená galerie (107)
2015 U Staré studny, Praha - Nedokonalost 

2014 Artmaterial, Děčín - Martin Feri 

Group exbitions: 

2020 Výstava 3í, Děčín
2020 Galerie La Femme, Praha - Pocta Evě Mansfeldové 

2020 Galerie La Femme, Praha - DÚ Životní dílo 

2019 Galerie La Femme, Praha
2017 Atelier art fest, Praha
2017 KusKovu, Praha
2003 Nádhera, Děčín
2001 Nádhera, Děčín