Mavi Abril


About the artist:

My childhood was closely related to art, my first approach was in a small workshop in the town where I lived in the southeast of Spain. I have always been immersed in art, in it I saw a form of expression that made me be a creative person who wishes to produce new dream worlds.

    During my adolescence I realized that photography was one of my passions and that through it and the post-production of these images there were no borders to make possible each and every one of the spaces that continually occurred to me. I am currently studying Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where I intend to specialize in the audiovisual field.

    I define myself as an emerging artist passionate about photography and audiovisual media, that is why my work is mainly linked to the self-portrait as a personal symbol and the photomontage of imaginary spaces. I could say that this last year I have worked a lot about the concept of space in which we live, the concept of the room as an interior refuge, the passage of time in those rooms that make those walls become our maximum confidants and how the atmosphere in which we live envelops and projects us that anguish that sometimes we usually hide.

    In each photograph I try to make the viewer see the loneliness and sincerity that lives within us, in a world in which we necessarily need our moments of peace and solitude. Moments that surround the environment in a continuous feeling of nostalgia for a painful past that inhabits and flourishes in our memory capacity.