Michael Lomholt


About the artist:

My name is Michael and I live in Copenhagen. I have always been interested in the creative part of life and started working as a photographer at an early age, but from when I was 21 until today, I have worked as a professional tattoo artist. A year and a half ago I got a studio, where I started painting with oils and acrylics, alongside my studies in Spanish language and culture. 

After experimenting with various media, I only use acrylic to paint on canvas. I work very spontaneously, impulsively, and never really know exactly where the first drops of paint leads. My painter style I will define as a mixture of abstract expressionism and minimalism.  

I find my inspiration everywhere in life where I go, but perhaps most of all in other artists across time and genre. My goal is to create paintings, that can make the viewers interpret what they see and create their own image in the painting, while hanging as decoration in the room.