Milan Ciric


About the artist:

Born 27.12.1995 in Novi Sad, Serbia where he grew up. He is a graduating student of graphic design and today he works as a freelance designer. He attended few design exhibitions in Novi Sad, mostly poster. His works were printed in few publications such as: Wotisart, ,Averagearts , Into the void, The Working Artist and Epoch Literary Journal. He is selected to participate in Youth#7 exhibition in CICA museum in Korea in January 2021, exhibition Affinity in Pepney Gallery, Ireland in January 2021, exhibition RE:INVENT in Art Gallery118, Brooklyn in February 2021. He is selected to be represented on CANVIA art platform since April 2021.


I tend to examine universality and repetition in impulses and motives that guide us subconsciously through life. I see and feel my work as some kind of reflection of my inner restlessness. Restlessness caused by innability to escape from my basic self and perception of surrounding. I also tend to look at some philosophical concepts from different angles until I explore irrationality in them. My work is thematically mostly based on metaphysics. Layers are what differentiate us.

Paintings are painted with acrylic paint on canvas, and I often use spray paint to emphasize and fixate picture on a canvas so could shape different relief. Some of the tools I use while painting except brushes are knives, trowels, painting stencils and so on.