About the artist:

At first, everything flows wildly. Chaos arises.

My heart races. 

The creation process sends me into a frenzy. I do not notice what is happening around me.

I am very impatient and would like to know immediately how my work looks completed but my art always teaches me something new, the creative artistic process is not predictable. It is simply not plannable.

I ultimately surrender to this process.

When the confusion subsides and my heart begins to beat regularly again, I start to work on every detail with passion and suddenly everything becomes clear....

My stage name is Naweri and I live in Germany near Darmstadt, where I work as a independent artist in my studio.

My focus is on abstract paintings (representations) and fascinating (impression) pictures that are characterized by intense colors, strong contrasts or even harmonious colors.

My inspirations are guided by feelings and thoughts, including reveries.

Sometimes it is just a moment, a mood or a special song.

So I get through my work in other worlds without even setting foot outside my Atelier door