Neal Adams


About the artist:

My work is a continuing search for the expression of both the external and inner worlds that we see and feel through our visual stimulations and emotional connections. I do not limit myself to one medium, style or concept. Drawing is always an important foundation to any piece which sometimes shows stronger as in a more figurative motif and sometimes lesser as in a more emotive work. Nature is a great source of inspiration in my work, from the more externally inspired paintings of natural subjects such as trees or bamboo, also in the more geometrical aspects of my work.

Diving deeper into certain principles surrounding the world around us be it nature or mans influence upon each other, I like to ponder over what connects everything in a deeper maybe not so obvious way. Geometry is the visual language of mathematics and also sound, and In my latest works I am exploring this connection through painting, using shape form and textures to convey these principles. The dynamic in these works is the use of metallic leaf and glazing techniques. Also textures both visual and actual play a part in there aesthetic value. The more Abstract and tactile aspect of painting come into play and translate an idea into form.  

The use of silver and gold leaf in my work is inspired by my travels in South East Asia. Where it is used from textiles to temple and religious ceremony. The interactive qualities it represents through playing with light is aslo a fascination to me.