Art is a therapeutic method. According to me, art should be reflective both for the artist and the observer and through the artwork create a link between the both.

To mediate order and something beautiful through the chaos and ambiguity in the art- works is a way to show all the different layers of reality and life itself.

About the artist:

Alexander Nilsson (b.1979) is born and based in Sölvesborg, Sweden. He is autodidact and paints mostly in a abstract style but his work is in the borderland between abstract and figu- rative art. In his art he portrays philosophical thoughts and moods through allegories that might take artchitectual shapes.

Among his works you usually find mixed me- dia paintings, but also ceramic sculptures, sil- versmithing and wood scuplting.

He is a member of Svenska Konstnärsförbundet (SK) and Konstnärsförbundet Alliansen (KFA).