Olivia Faulkner


About the artist:

Olivia Faulkner is a contemporary American artist based in Massachusetts. She is a self-trained painter and digital artist.  Exposed to contemporary art from a very young age, she was drawn to looking at art which she felt she couldn’t understand or identify in any way but her own; never expecting that years later that exposure to the modern art world would impact the course of her life and career forever.  Her abstract painting involves fusing many different stylistic elements of contemporary art such as fluidity, splatter, texture, and geometric shapes; using these styles unveils how she makes sense of a chaotic world.  Her paintings juxtapose vibrant textured line work in conjunction with delicate areas of dreamy fluidity.  Her digital art is inspired by urban photography, the grandiosity of space, planets, stars and unseen galaxies.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  In her years after graduating from university, it became realized that no other career path would allow her to derive the most fulfillment and satisfaction the way that creating art does.  She is inherently drawn to abstract art because it gives way for her viewer to interpret from it whatever they see; she believes there is substantial value in interpretation through art. Art is the vehicle to which her emotion and expression come to light, where she uncovers herself and thus; shows her raw emotion to the world on canvas.  She has exhibited works for the exhibition “Romantica” at MADS Milano Gallery in Milan, Italy, and in the online exhibition “River of Dreams” by the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.


Contemporary art, for me; is the epitome of art that knows no bounds, has no finite limits, and moreover is not dictated by anyone, anything, or any particular concept but my own abstraction. For me, to create is to exist, and my calling to become an artist is trying to take the absurdity and disorderly way of the world and illuminate it in my own way for others. The concept and philosophy behind the making of my art is to map out creations which allow me to deconstruct and reconstruct my thoughts, feelings, and intuition onto a canvas, in an attempt to interpret a chaotic world. I take the chaos of the world that I see; I isolate it, and reimagine it through form, color, and movement. The inherent value in creating my own abstract style is that its subjectivity relies on my viewers perception of non-tangible objects, rather the emphasis is on free flowing movement; connecting my viewer to my raw and often sporadic display of visceral emotion. My creation process is vastly different for each piece of art; I sometimes imagine what my pieces look like prior to applying anything on canvas, whereas others are action based, with no preconception of what the outcome of the piece will look like, where I allow my intuition and subconscious action lead the way to execution. In my creation process, I use an array of materials; from acrylic paint, oil, alcohol/acrylic ink, gold leaf and gold nugget powder. The importance of abstract art, in my view, is derived from my ability to express in abstract terms, and I feel the beauty of it is my viewers ability to see and think in abstract terms, which I believe the world needs more of.