Paige Wallwork


About the artist:

Paige Wallwork is an Australian based artist and art therapist.

The inspiration for my art begins with nature, however, the form and concept can evolve quite dramatically during the art making process.

My art practice is expressive and intuitive without a preconceived notion of what the final outcome will be. In this process, If I find myself visualizing something too concrete I might consciously take a drastic detour with opposing line work, contrasting media or incorporate a clashing colour choice. I enjoy the challenge of having a spontaneous artistic process and the associated pressure of trying to make unsystematic creative expressions into a cohesive artwork.

I’m fascinated by artist David Batchelor’s musings on ‘chromophobia’ or a “fear of corruption or contamination through colour, particularly in the western societal context. In the west, using multi colours in design and the arts can be seen as infantile, pathological and unsophisticated. This notion compels me to be even more experimental with colour.

As an art therapist, I’m interested in the neurobiology of art making, creative flow and absorption states, the use of art in meditative practices and mind body connectivity.

I find risk taking in art making can be translational to ordinary life, where life becomes more interesting when you challenge the status quo and venture down unexpected paths.