My work embodies the spirit of play while exploring the properties and movement of light through subtle to highly chromatic washes, drips, splashes, and swipes of color. Parallel to this actively organic process, I also incorporate minimalist borders and hard-edge geometric forms into my painting. Often these two elements meet in the middle to form new combinations, invoking a dialogue between control and order versus random non-geometric paint exploration. Through this interplay of defined space and broken borders, I investigate the parameters and push the boundaries of both physical and psychological constraints.

About the artist:

Nancy Bergman Pantirer is a New York-based artist working primarily in large-scale abstract painting. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, as well a Master of Arts from Montclair State College. She further refined her craft through graduate coursework at Tufts University Museum School in Boston and Pratt University in New York. Her painting and sculpture have been exhibited throughout the United States and Japan and can be found in collections such as the National Arts Club in NYC, as well as in corporate and private collections. Her studio is located in Tribeca, New York City