Paola Semilia


About the artist:

Paola Semilia was born in Palermo in 1982.

From a young age she shows a strong attitude towards art techniques (oils, mixed techniques, acrylics, resins) and above all reveals a great passion for engraving.

The artist prefers material painting. In her works she tries to create a thickness with the paints and materials used, in such a way as to trigger a different perception of the painting, making the observer want to almost touch it, to fully appreciate its characteristics. Her academic career began with enrolling in the Abadir Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 in the degree course in Restoration, then continuing with the specialization in Painting, obtained with 110/110, publishing a thesis on Dan Flavin in 2007.

In her works Paola Semilia uses a variety of materials, all referable to the industrial and construction sites: gypsum powder, steel, metal plates, resin, acrylic colors, and so on.

The choice of these materials is not accidental, but has its roots in the history of the artist. Since, from an early age, she followed her father, a well-known builder from Palermo, to the construction site. She began to paint right there, letting herself be inspired by everything

that surrounded her at the time and that permeated the lives of her family.

These materials are used roughly, they are spread with spatulas, toothbrushes, with hands or feet, with everything that the artist has at his disposal. Brushes are used, but in a very limited way.

The image that is created is a direct image, without guidelines or previous preparation for the drafting of colors, as the artist paints her works following more what her feelings tell her to do, what comes from within. The works, in fact, are the fruit of dreams. They represent

invented cities, some under water, some in non-existent landscapes. There is a wide range of fake elements, which can be configured in cranes that take the lift, in buildings made up of modules that go up and down, and so on.

Each element represented in the artist's works has similarities with the phenomenon of life:  ups and downs, dark periods and bright periods, good and bad feelings, our feelings, our inner self. And above all there are many elements that take up the concept of life after death, of rebirth.

The style and personality of Paola Semilia are different and contrasted with the art of Bruno Caruso. Hers is abstract art in its pure state with an initially disorienting effect. Her canvases are large in size and almost white, because they are the result of an accurate study of light in all its forms and expressions. Her works strongly highlight the reference to the artistic minimalism of the American Dan Flavin, a great source of inspiration for the artist, especially when the lights go out in the room (remembering Dan Flavin and his "Icons", installations with neon lamps)


- "Mass Distraction" held from 24 June to 10 July 2005, addressed the

issue of safety, danger and emergency in all its facets at "Cantieri

Culturali della Zisa", Palermo;

- "Tetris", Palermo 2004;

- Milano, Galleria Trikeles in 2009;

-  "Bruno Caruso e Paola Semilia, Segno e Colore - Generazioni a

confronto" Galleria La Rocca, Palermo 2014;

-Exhibition: "Out of the Shadows" at "Albergo delle Povere", Palermo


- "Artisti Siciliani", 1-30 October 2016 at Palazzo Petyx, Palermo;

- "Ego", from 9 to 23 of September 2021 at Palazzo Ducale, Genova;

- "Art Operation", from 30 September till 14 October at Palazzo Ducale,


- on schedule: "Gift of Art- 2nd Milan Edition" from 9 till 24 of

December, Milano.