The making of a marble sculpture is a very labour intensive process. With the use of a power saw and a pneumatic hammer, this process can be shortened. However, the finishing by hand is a tedious process that will give the result of the softness I am striving for. First I use a special stone, smerillo, followed by endless sanding from course to fine. Sometimes a layer of wax will be added. Also, the choice of the sort of marble is crucial for the final result. I prefer working with coloured marbles like Giallo di Siena and Rosa Portogallo.

About the artist:

The Edam resident Doris Pappenheim started her career as a sculptor at the age of 50. Nowadays she lives most of her time in Pietrasanta (Tuscany ), not far away from the marble quarries at Carrara. There she works almost continuously on her creations. In the years she developed herself into a well-known professional sculptor and her work is being sold during exhibitions, in galleries and by personal commissions. On many locations in The Netherlands her sculptures have been exhibited with great success.

Already at an early age she felt attracted by stone and it’s a challenge for her to create a soft, female look from the hard marble. As soft as the human skin or the pleats in clothes. Doris: “Sculptures are there to be touched.”