Patricia Quintana Oliver


About the artist:

I am from Mexico, and I live in the city of Queretaro. My art is figurative, full of color and texture. Animals captivate my attention because of their different forms and their cultural prominence.

I enjoy countryside trips since childhood, camping in the woods and the beach. I could spend hours looking up at the treetops, which remind me how small we are. Same goes for looking at the immensity of the ocean, listening to the silence of the field, walking on volcanic rocks, and entering the imposing darkness of a cave. I was fortunate enough to witness the flight of thousands of butterflies around me and hear their little wings flapping. I also got to see animals grazing with their offspring without any concern in their minds. Zoo visits always gave me mixed emotions. Yes, you get to admire different animals, but my heart sinks when looking at them behind bars. Sure, they are safe there, but their freedom has been limited. Overall, this constant and intimate contact with nature influences my work, filling it with an infinite variety of colors, textures, and shapes.

As a child, I loved drawing and make my art overflow with color. After studying interior design, I joined a painting workshop in the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City. After that I started illustrating art books and engraving publications. I had three exhibitions in Mexico City and one in San Miguel de Allende. After obtaining a scholarship to participate in an art workshop in Queretaro, I was part of a collective exhibition as well. After that, I began my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of the Autonomous University of Queretaro and joined several exhibitions there and in Guanajuato. As time went on, I found my voice.

There’s still so much I want to do, like experimenting with other painting techniques over different types of supports, with new and interesting materials to combine and obtain surprising results. I wish to paint in faraway latitudes, in new countries, to bring a rich variety of cultures to my canvases. Our differences always have something to teach us.