Paulie X


About the artist:

Who is Paulie X? Rising Star Artist on the London Art Scene.

Artist Bio: 

Paulie X is a British-Nigerian, London based mixed media artist specialising in portraiture, figurative art, symbolic painting & abstract expressionism. 

He is fascinated by the human form and most recently with the inscrutability of facial 'inexpression'...  and how it is just as powerful a visual communication tool as facial 'expression'. 

In abstraction and symbolism, he explores the use of iconography in art and design as a language. 

Some key influences stylistically range from the playful but also bold, poignant and often political style of one of his heroes Jean Michel-Basquiat, to the more contemporary style of the masters of chiaroscuro -- Rubens, Caravaggio, Artemisia, to name a few, and the more colourful, expressive styles of the likes of Vincent van Gogh and Monet, and the more radical styles of the likes of Pablo 

Picasso and Salvador Dali. 

With these influences and more, Paulie X has evolved over time to become a multi-faceted artist with true artistic range and several unique styles of his own.

Artist Statement:

I love using my art to make people smile and have created for as long as I can remember. 

I also use my art as a strong communication tool to foster conversation about real societal issues we still face. 

I study the human form and condition in my art as there is no better way for us to improve as humans than to introspectively look inward at ourselves..

I aim to help people do this... looking inward by looking outward through these visual 'mirrors' ...these eyes that stare back at you unwavering. 

... to challenge our own assumptions or beliefs about the characters we observe in their inscrutable gazes back at us. 

And why we think what we think.

Paulie X 

Media used: 

Paulie makes art primarily using a mixture of graphite, ink, charcoal and acrylic paints... he is also a very skilled digital artist primarily using the Microsoft Surface Pro for all his digital work as it allows him the dexterity to work very similarly to traditional media, albeit drawing and painting on a screen with a digital pen. 

Some art series that Paulie X has been working on for over 5 years now. 

Series 1: X Faces; Find X The 'X_Faces' series by Paulie X is a strong feminist statement, portraying strong and beautiful women, with expressionless faces.... ...aloof, but almost challenging the observer... 

...defiant ...unwavering ...unyielding ...inscrutable in the face of the patriarchy

Series 2: Black Kings 

As the name implies, the Black Kings art series by Paulie X celebrates black male icons. 

Stalwarts of a much maligned race

As a black male himself, the artist personally identifies with the numerous challenges the black man faces in society to this day. 

Assumptions that you are dangerous. Surprise that you are smart. Automatic associations with drug use. The list is unending. The evils suffered even longer and worse. 

This art series is a love letter to the Malcolm X's, Lewis Hamiltons, Obama's of this world... 

Hold your head high little boy... Walk in confidence BLACK KING 

The Black Man Can! 

Paulie X