About the artist:

Pia Kintrup, a German artist (b.1988), graduated at Folkwang University of Arts in Germany with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, specifcally in photography. She then went to study M.A. Photography studies and practice in the same university in 2017, graduating with a Master of Arts. She has been awarded the 2019 13th International Arte Laguna Prize, winner of special prize, “Photolux Festival” in Venice, Italy, and the 2019 Excellence Award, International Artist Award at Art Next Expo in Hong Kong. She has held countless exhibitions around Europe, and also a few in Asia, Canada, and the USA. Pia Kintrup’s research investigates new media and materials, ranging from photography to sculpture. Transformational processes, value, emptiness and abundance, and photographic
steps of transition are essential for her artwork. She is represented by Galerie Ricarda Fox, based in Germany.

Artist Statement:

Te theme of my open series is the impact of borders and ultimate control of information in places
that creates a parallel world. Tese sceneries are artifcial settings and constructions which create
conficts within our everyday life. Te control of areas which are excesses examples for staging, an
imitation of the reality, and natural structures, especially in still lifes, are essential aspects of my
research and experimental practice.
Te whole series is build-up like the story in a novel, where the reader receives slow, considered
drips of information about a place or a planet, the reader didn't know before. Te images are points
of a net, which creates a jigsaw of visual information. Te different parts are evolving a metaphorical
place of imagination. Te issue is to create a photographic, mixed media installation that brings a
new perspective about universal themes such as control, staging, surveillance, and value. Te images
of this series and their presentation form quote the complexity and diversity of photography as a