Rea Gru


About the artist:


I dont have some favourite artist, because i try to explore my own images in a new way. I am a huge fan of fantasy art.


I am primarly exploring my own visual references. I start with something familiar and i develop my ideas to more imaginative levels. I use reality and transform images into fantasy or abstract world. My approach is more experimental. I also like to play with the viewers observation letting the viewer to think that he knows what is my artwork about, but he can not know. I dont want to tell what am i painting, because i want to keep my thoughts for myself. The viewer should use his own imagination. The title for artwork does not reveal what is my art about and should stay that way.

TECHNIQUE Acrylic on canvas

Artwork “NAMELESS“ 60 x 90 cm
Artwork “ABSTRACT SHAPES“ 50 x 60 cm

Rea Gru is working as an independent artist in Zürich, Switzerland. Education:

  • -  Artistic Highschool, completed with the good note and diploma work , 4 years
  • -  Bachelor of Arts in Film - 2D and 3D Animation, 4 years
  • -  CGI Course in Maya - Basic, Essentials and Rendering, 2 years

    *Including black and white profile photo + scanned artworks