Reif Myers


About the artist:

Art doesn’t necessarily have to make sense, in fact the less it makes sense the more you wonder...
Why is that seagull at the dinner table with a bottle of red wine and a prosciutto melon?

No one knows but imagine it...
My artwork is not to be analyzed as to why? but to be enjoyed and encourage conversation through imagination and laughter..


Growing up by the beach in Western Australia and spending days after school paint- ing at his mum Jos’ studio Reif developed a passion for art and surfing early on

He developed his own style of modern art by combining bright colours and humour through his signature icons.

His artwork is heavily influenced by beach culture including some of his signature favourites beach umbrellas, thongs, seagulls, beer, tequila and wine to name a few...

He draws inspiration from the styles of his favourite artists Peter Webb, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Reg Mombassa and his mother Jos Myers who taught him how to paint from a young age.

Reif’s work is best described as art to be enjoyed rather than analysed. Combining humour with clusters of detail they become conversational pieces.

Great for dining room talking points Its busyness entices the viewer to spend more time engaging with the painting, pointing out new stories whilst hopefully having a laugh.

In 2019, eight years after his first show Reif held his first International Exhibition in Dubai called ‘Seagull in My Drink’ hosted by NASAB followed by another show ‘Two Guys One Brush’ in Fremantle Western Australia later that year.

Reif now resides in Bali Indonesia but ships his artworks all around the world.

His style has evolved since the beginning of 2020, imagining the views from inside peoples houses, the weird items of clutter and combining them with new characters and his signature items...