about the artist:

Robert John Geng with italian roots has been an artist and writer for many years. His first book „Love Letters to God“ also deals with the gifts that god gives us. He loves to paint with acrylic paints the effect of these colors indescribably beautiful. He likes to use other materials like sand, plaster of paris, glue, silicone, and anything he finds on an inspiring forest walk. He has also used ist to make lots of acrylic collages on canvas. A very big favorite of his is the pouring of colors with exciting colors and blacklight effects, but also colors of that radiale rather silence. The ideas mostly come from nature, like heaven and earth and people around him who dress in bright colors. He’s also writing a book, which is his hobby, that describes exactly WhatsApp to do with the gifts, no matter how and where. He exihibited in Genoa, London, Fuerteventura and several times in Milan. Next exibition is in Monaco at the „Art fair“ in June 2022 and Monat Gallery.


My eyes open my fantasies to every single picture. You just have to look carefully and lebt the spirit of the gift run free, because each of my pictures is the mirror of it and my soul.

Everything I create is an expression of my and should be a gift to posterity. Through my art I grant an insight into my soul into the love that is in me in order to win people over to it. We are born with love and that‘s exactly what I embody. I wish everyone to drive into an indescribable world looking of my pictures.

Excerpt from the book „Love Letters to God“:

The art that can

A picture is like a book, the plan of the life of the artist, described in painted words, with the face of history, whose soul describes exactly what life is about.


Robert John Geng