Romain Balssa


About the artist:

Romain Balssa was born January 24, 1991. He began painting when he began his studies at the Beaux-Arts in Perpignan in the south of France in 2010. He was interested in Russian supremacist movements, as well as in American expressionism. than the French support-surface group.

Since then, he has never stopped painting and questioning his pictorial practice. Romain Balssa takes up the question of figuring in the space of the canvas. His figures are unspeakable, turbid but at the same time present in our common and individual imagination. The painter seeks to paint figures and not to give them a signifier. An instinctive and bodily painting.

Painting is for Romain Balssa a T moment when applying the material as well as the color on the support. He is like a sower waiting for his harvest. Through his gestures, he sows an idea, colors awaiting the harvest of figures, shapes in the space of the canvas. His figures incorporate a growth, sometimes an invasion on the surface of the painting. Sometimes paintings with fine thicknesses passing by paintings composed of successive layers, the painter does not hesitate in any way to change his implication from one painting to another.