Ronny Cameron


About the artist:

When I go for a walk in nature, I sometimes see scenes that look to me like finished pictures. Later I try to interpret these scenes in my own way. I don't want to copy these scenes, that doesn´t work, I want to bring them to the canvas in a different way so that the viewer can see these scenes differently. In music there are examples of such “scenes”, “interpretations” such as the song by the Beatles "With a Little Help From My Friends", a great song but the interpretation by Joe Cocker breathed a different life into the song. Although the lyrics and notes are the same, it became a different song. The same with the song "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack, which was reinterpreted by the group the Fugees. A totally new song has emerged. I want that with my pictures. I take something out of nature and reinterpret it for myself.

If I had painted the images just like painting, for example, a bowl of fruit, the colours would interact with another. The viewer imagines that he is seeing some depth in the painting because one colour like yellow seems closer to you than perhaps green. There is this pushing and pulling in the canvas although the canvas is just a flat surface. The image is therefore just an illusion, something that I want to avoid. That is why photographs of my paintings do not give the works any credit. Photographs create a false impression of my paintings. With using various materials like jute, gaze, protection folio, alu folio etc the viewer can immediately see that a piece of jute has a certain thickness or that the alu film is firmly glued on to the canvas like any other material. Now there is a real depth on the image, Even when there are colours on the image, there is no more illusion of depth because the use of materials helps to avoid this. There is however now a real shallow depth in the painting. Everything is, let’s say „Up Front“.