I ‘am guided by my feelings and experiences in sad bad or happy moments. I can´t and don´t want to commit myself to one art style. 

abstract painting for me is to shout out all my emotions i feel and to process my experience in life. Even when it’s dark, there is always colours, light and hope. That’s what I want to say with my abstract artwork. 

With Sandypop for example i want to show the colourful world and different cultures / people - cause I love travelling and see different parts in the world. You ll never find dark colors there. 

Statement Art is for me that we should never loose the attention for -  Diversity. Respect. Responsibility. Foresight. Love.


About the artist

I am born in a small town in germany and based now with my husband and 2 year old daughter in cologne. 

I paint since I am a baby but I stopped in teenager age cause of dark moments. 

With my husband I got to know 2009 I found slowly back to art. My daughter  complete everything. 

Be the woman would would look up to is my motto since that. So I am working hard in strategic management and controlling, study and go for my Passion. 


I usually use Acrylcolors, coloured pencils and water for my paintings.