Sandrine Langlade


About the artist:

Intensity. Power. Spirituality.

Sandrine Langlade is a French artist from Réunion Island living in the Netherlands. Most of her exhibitions are in Europe, the USA and South America. Her pictorial style crosses lyrical abstract art and expressionism. She leverages colour to create contrasts, tensions and harmony in her unique, recognisable style.

She processes with colour mix and shapes juxtapositions. The asymmetric compositions are balanced by complementary and opposite movements, resulting in powerful artworks. She brings colours to life, inducing a synesthesia. Each art piece has a special strength, which unity comes from the combination between extreme tensions and quiet harmony.

She gets her inspiration from her intense home island and current life, using her creativity to express her daily emotions and sensations. Then comes studying, learning, and challenging her own work with this core question: "how do I translate what I experiment into powerful, spiritual and impactful art pieces?" In 2018 she was awarded the Leonardo Da Vinci international art prize in Florence and the Tribute to Tiziano prize in Venezia, during the Biennial of Nations.