Life is a game full of emotions and feelings. These make life come alive. So is my art, also an expression of my inner and outer world, an open dialogue between me, the artworks and the world of the audience. For me, intuition is the language of feeling and the whisper of the soul. Therefore I paint purely intuitively and full of spontaneity, enthusiasm and passion. It's like magic. I am inspired by the beauty of colors, nature, things in life and the flow of painting itself. My art would like to encourage you to get involved in a wide variety of emotions, to immerse yourself in the world of feelings.

About the artist:

Artist Susanna Schorr was born 1973 and grew up in Bavaria, Germany. Her love for painting came suddenly and unexpectedly, like so many things in my life. In her sabbatical year 2017, which was an intended break of her former teaching activities of mathematics and chemistry, she had the opportunity to participate to a painting trip in la Gomera in Spain. 

With brush and colors in hand it was as if a long dormant enthusiasm was suddenly awakened in her. After that trip, she didn't practice her painting until mid 2020. Since then her life has been determined by art. This enthusiasm for it is simply overwhelming and now she can express this love as a full-time painter. 

Her artworks have been presented in group exhibitions such as in Milan, Genoa, Fuerteventura as well as online exhibitions in the UK and Florence. An extraordinary project took place in a music exhibition in New York, in which a separate piano piece was combined for one of her works. She was selected also to participate in the book ´Art Anthology October 2021´ in the Fine Art Circle of Madrid.